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How to find a good seller on AliExpress

Do you want to find a good supplier on Aliexpress or wanna know how to find a good seller on AliExpress among all the options shown on the first page of your product search pages.

If Yes! You’re at the right place. I will help you find a reliable supplier for the product you want to dropship with Aliexpress by just examining the rating systems available at Aliexpress Dropshipping Center.

I know you don’t want to spoil the shopping experience of a shopper on your site due to bad Chinese sellers. We all know about this fact about China that they produce bad quality products more than Good Quality products, and they do so basically to maintain the cost of production. But this can be not good for our dropshipping store.

We should focus and read the seller’s information, customer feedback, and the store’s rating level. So let’s learn how to do this and choose the best seller always.

While searching for products for your dropshipping store on the Aliexpress website, you should be able to see the rating levels of every seller. This is mainly shown by different icons, medals, or diamonds, and sometimes by crowns too. The higher the rating is, the more icons the seller has.

I must say that a higher rating doesn’t give any guarantee that the seller is good or safe. It only helps us to know that how long the seller has been on the Aliexpress marketplace and what that seller has achieved till that time. This step helps us to identify whether this particular seller is trustworthy or not.

Another useful Strategy is to look at Feedback that the seller has received till now to get an estimate of the seller’s performance, and you can read feedback or reviews by clicking on the rating icon.  

Aliexpress Feedback

You will find summary data of the Aliexpress Seller as visible in the image below.   

Aliexpress Dropshipping Center

Terms Explained in Details:

  • Seller — Seller Name (Seller Business Name).
  • Positive Feedback — Positive feedbacks rate are based on the reviews of the last six months.
  • Feedback Score — Seller’s rate is formed by summing up all the points he or she has (5 or 4 stars =1 point, 3 stars = 0 points, 2 or 1 star = -1 point).
  • AliExpress Seller Since — Seller’s registration date.
  • Detailed seller ratings — Seller’s detailed rate is formed by feedback from customers that have already received products from this seller.
  • Item as Described — Compliance with the item’s description and its actual condition.
  • Communication — This shows how actively the seller answers questions and solves problems.
  • Shipping Speed — This shows how fast the seller sends your product. Please do not confuse it with Delivery Speed.
  • Feedback History — Feedback table for different periods of time.
  • Feedback Received as a Seller — Feedback that the seller received from customers.
  • Feedback Left For Buyers — Feedback that customers received from the seller.

Positive Feedback (Past 6 months) – the closer this index is to 100%, the more responsible seller is.

Feedback Score – The higher this index is, the more transactions were completed. Examining the seller’s negative feedback is another useful technique to determine his or her trustworthiness. You may access it by going to the “Feedback History” table.

A number next to the line says “Negative (1-2 stars)” there. Negative feedback is usually far more instructive than good feedback, helping you to discover the potential risks of dealing with a particular vendor. This information will assist you in making the best choice possible. You should be aware that high-rated merchants are less communicative than inexperienced ones.

You should also remember that experienced sellers (those with high ratings) are typically less talkative than newcomers with low ratings. To ensure that they respond, asking them questions before making an order is essential.

You can contact the seller on Aliexpress by clicking the “Contact now” link. This conversation between you and the seller will help you to estimate his reliability level.

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You will be able to make the best selection possible if you follow these guidelines and ideas. Please let me know if you found this post useful in the comments section below.

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