10 Best Free AI Art Generators [2024]

Are you looking for a way to create stunning art pieces without any artistic skills or experience? Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now use free AI art generators to create beautiful artwork in minutes.

These online tools use artificial intelligence algorithms to transform your images into unique and creative works of art. My article will help you explore the 10 best free AI art generators available in 2024, and these are the best free Midjourney alternatives.

In recent years, AI art generators have become very popular. It’s one of the fastest ways to find the right image to go with your creative projects or blog posts. Earlier, it could really be a big struggle, but AI changed the way we find images.

Most people usually download them from stock image portals or create them independently. In both scenarios, the images are either repetitive, irrelevant, or non-professional.

As we know, all of us are not professional graphic designers! Right? What if you could simply describe the image you want for your project and you get it in front of your screen? Isn’t it interesting? AI art generators are doing this.

No doubt these tools are in beta versions, but they are still working amazingly and generating all kinds of AI art and images through text prompts. Some popular examples might be Midjourney, Dall.E 2, etc.

If you are already using AI art generators like Midjourney for your graphics needs and are not satisfied, the tools discussed below would serve as the best Midjourney alternatives!

What is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator is a software application or platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to generate artwork, images, or designs. These AI art generators can take various forms and serve different purposes, but their primary function is to assist or autonomously produce art or visual content.

How do AI Art Generators work?

Before jumping to the list of the best AI Art Generators of 2024, I would like to tell you about how these AI art generators actually work.

So, basically, users provide input to the AI art generator also known as a prompt, which can include text, images, or other forms of data. This input often serves as a reference or inspiration for generating art.

What is an AI Prompt?

An artificial intelligence (AI) prompt is a mode of interaction between a human and a large language model that lets the model generate the intended output. This interaction can be in the form of a question, text, code snippets or examples.

The AI art generator employs machine learning models, often based on deep learning neural networks, to analyze and understand the provided input. These algorithms have been trained on vast datasets of existing artworks and styles, allowing them to recognize patterns and aesthetics.

Best FREE AI Art Generators
AI Art example

After understanding the input, the AI model applies various artistic styles, techniques, or transformations to create a new piece of art. This transformation can involve altering the color palette, brush strokes, textures, and overall visual composition.

The AI art generator produces an output, which can be a newly generated artwork or an altered version of the provided input. The generated art can vary widely, depending on the AI model used and the specific parameters chosen.

Why have AI art generators gained popularity?

AI art generators have found applications in various domains, including digital art, graphic design, advertising, and entertainment. Artists, designers, and enthusiasts use these tools to create unique and visually appealing artworks or to enhance existing creative projects.

  • They make art creation accessible to people with varying levels of artistic skill and experience.
  • They offer a novel way to explore creativity, allowing users to experiment with different styles and artistic expressions.
  • They can serve as inspiration for artists and designers, providing fresh ideas and design concepts.
  • They can automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks in art and design, such as generating backgrounds or patterns.
  • They encourage exploration and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of what art can be.

So let’s explore the 10 Best Free AI Art Generators for 2024 that you can use today.

10 Best Free AI Art Generators (Quick List)

This table is for you if you came here merely to look at the links. However, You can also read features about the specific AI Art Tools below.

AI Art GeneratorFree ImagesTry for Free 👇
Deep Dream Generator150 free generations/dayVisit
Leonardo AI15 images/monthVisit
Bing Image Creator100 images creditsVisit
Adobe Firefly25 creative creditsVisit
DALL·ENot knownVisit
Magic Media by Canva100 photos dailyVisit
Dream by WOMBO20 imagesVisit

1. Deep Dream

Deep Dream Generator is an online AI Art generator platform that utilizes artificial neural networks, specifically the deep neural networks used in deep learning, to transform photos and images into surreal and dream-like creations. It gained popularity when it was introduced by Google as an open-source project.

Deep Dream Generator by Google

Here’s how the Deep Dream Generator works:

  1. In this tool, users upload their images or photos to the Deep Dream Generator platform.
  2. The platform uses deep neural networks, which are trained on large datasets of images, to analyze and modify the input images. These neural networks are known for their ability to recognize patterns and features within images.
  3. Deep Dream Generator identifies patterns, shapes, and features within the input images. It can recognize objects, animals, buildings, and various other elements.
  4. The unique aspect of Deep Dream Generator is its ability to apply various artistic styles to the images. Users can choose from a range of predefined styles, and the platform uses the identified patterns to apply these styles to the input images.
  5. Users can often control the intensity of the style transfer and the number of iterations the algorithm performs. More iterations typically result in a more pronounced and surreal transformation.
  6. The output is a transformed image that combines the features of the original input with the chosen artistic style. The resulting images often have a dreamy, psychedelic, and sometimes bizarre appearance.

Deep Dream Generator became popular for its ability to generate visually striking and unique artworks. It gained attention for its psychedelic and surreal transformations, often turning everyday photos into abstract and otherworldly compositions.

While Deep Dream Generator was initially introduced by Google, various versions and implementations of the deep dream algorithm have been developed by the open-source community.

As a result, you can find different platforms and applications that offer similar functionality and allow users to experiment with deep dream-style image transformations.

2. Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an innovative AI image generator that utilizes a number of carefully calibrated image production models. You may make beautiful designs and images quickly with its assistance. Leonardo improves its user’s overall design experience with a cutting-edge, extremely responsive user interface.

Leonardo AI image generator
Leonardo AI Platform

You can choose an AI model or an image style and add a negative prompt to omit particular features once you sign up for its free plan. Leonardo also provides up to 1000 AI-generated prompts if you need assistance with structuring the prompts.

Prompt Magic V3 and Alchemy are two of Leonardo AI’s standout characteristics. Although these AI models are still in the beta stage, the images they produce are of the highest caliber and are quite relevant to the prompts.

Enabling these features will increase your token consumption by four times, but the quality you get is still worth it.

Leonardo AI Image Generation Dashboard

Leonardo AI is a creative toolkit that leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide artists, designers, and creators with a range of tools and models for generating, manipulating, and experimenting with various forms of media.

Leonardo AI offers a user-friendly interface and a diverse set of pre-trained models that can be used to create art and images.

3. Bing Image Creator

Microsoft introduced Bing Image Creator, a platform for AI-generated art. It utilizes a more sophisticated Dall-E technology that enables it to produce clear images from text instructions.

Visit the Bing Image Creator and sign in with your Microsoft account to get started. Then, it will generate many photos in a grid pattern from any prompt you choose. It also enables you to download, save, and share them.

Bing Image Creator AI Tool

The fact that Bing Image Creator allows for limitless image creation is its best feature. Each day, you are given 100 image credits. If this 100 credits run out, you can still make photos. The speed of image production would be somewhat slow, though.

Overall, I was really pleased with the caliber of the art that Bing Image Creator generated. I thought the image quality was superior to Dall-E.

4. Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a generative AI application that enables users to produce a variety of digital material using straightforward instructions in more than 100 languages. It is available as a standalone web application and through Firefly-powered capabilities in Adobe’s flagship applications.

Firefly provides generative AI solutions tailored to the demands, workflows, and use cases of the creative industries. It may be used to make photorealistic portraits, fantastical animals, text effects, new color schemes, and much more.

Adobe Firefly Dashboard

Firefly is trained on Adobe Stock photos, publicly licensed content, and public domain content and is made to be secure for commercial use.

Using Firefly, you can create images from a detailed text description, remove objects or add new ones using generative fill, style or texture words and phrases using text effects, create color variations of your vector artwork using generative recolor, and create images from the interactive positioning of 3D elements using 3D to Image.

With 25 creative credits each month, Firefly is free to use. For $4.99 a month, you can also choose the premium subscription, which includes 100 monthly generative credits, Adobe Fonts, and no watermarks on Firefly-generated photos.

Numerous other Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions also feature generative credits.

5. Dall E

DALL·E is a generative model developed by OpenAI, which is known for its work in the field of artificial intelligence and natural language processing. DALL·E is an extension of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture, which is designed to generate images from textual descriptions.

It was introduced by OpenAI in early 2021 and has gained attention for its ability to generate creative and imaginative images based on textual prompts.

Dall E AI Art Generator Platform

Unlike traditional text-to-image systems, which primarily focus on generating realistic images from descriptions, DALL·E can produce images that are surreal, abstract, or even impossible in the real world. It accomplishes this by training on a massive dataset of text and image pairs, allowing it to learn to associate textual concepts with visual elements.

DALL·E’s name is a combination of the artist Salvador Dalí and the animated character WALL·E, reflecting its capacity for surreal and creative image generation.

It’s important to note that DALL·E is an AI research project and is not a commercially available product. It showcases the potential of AI in creative applications and has sparked interest in the intersection of language and visual content generation.

Researchers and developers continue to explore and build upon the ideas and capabilities demonstrated by DALL·E in various creative and practical contexts.

6. Prisma

Prisma is a popular mobile app that applies artistic filters and effects to photos and images. It uses neural networks and artificial intelligence algorithms to transform ordinary photos into artwork that resembles the styles of famous artists, such as Van Gogh, Picasso, and Munch.

Prisma gained significant attention and popularity shortly after its launch in 2016 because of its ability to turn photos into visually appealing and unique pieces of art.

Prisma AI Platform

Here’s how Prisma typically works:

  1. Users can take a photo within the app or choose an existing photo from their gallery.
  2. Prisma offers a variety of artistic styles, each inspired by a famous artist or art movement. Users can select the style they want to apply to their image.
  3. Once a style is selected, Prisma’s AI algorithms analyze the image and apply the chosen artistic style to transform the photo into an artwork.
  4. Users can preview the transformed image and make adjustments to the intensity of the effect. After they are satisfied with the result, they can save the image to their device or share it on social media.

Prisma was initially available as a mobile app for iOS and later became available for Android as well. It gained a dedicated user base due to its ability to create stunning and unique artistic interpretations of photos.

While the app’s popularity has waned since its initial release, it remains a notable example of how AI and neural networks can be used to enhance and transform digital imagery.

7. Craiyon

Boris Dayma created the AI model Craiyon. Based on your language inputs, it assists you in creating original AI graphics. Craiyon, formerly Dall-E Mini, was taught on the Google PU Research Cloud.

With no restrictions, Crayon provides limitless image creation! It is even possible to utilize it without creating an account. You only need to enter your word prompt and select whether you want to create an art piece, a drawing, or a photograph. For you, a 33-grid of photos will be produced.

8. Magic Media by Canva

Canva is a well-known online graphic design tool that enables you to create a variety of assets, such as social media posts, videos, banners, logos, advertising, resumes, and more.

They recently unveiled several AI features under Magic Studio, one of which is their AI image generator that utilizes the Stable Diffusion model. You must create a free account with Canva in order to get started. The Text to Image tool may be found in the Apps section.

Magic Media by Canva, also known as Canva Text to Image, lets you just type a text description and choose the image style and aspect ratio.

I like Canva personally, and there is no doubt this tool lacks with many specifications. However, it allows you to produce 100 photos daily. Therefore, you should definitely give it a shot!

9. Dream by WOMBO

Dream by WOMBO is an AI-powered app that enables users to transform their photos and videos into artistic masterpieces. The app uses state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to generate stunning visuals and music based on the user’s input.

With Dream by WOMBO, you don’t need any prior experience in art or music to create something beautiful – the app does all the hard work for you.

Dream by WOMBO comes with several features that make it a must-have tool for anyone who wants to flex their creativity muscles.

The monthly cost of $9.99 for their premium plans is very reasonable. Lifetime deals are a rarity among AI image generators, but Dream has one! For the amazing price of $169.99, it provides its services for a lifetime.

10. NightCafe

NightCafe is an AI image maker founded in 2019. It reimagines any AI image in many styles using the Neural Style Transfer approach. Additionally, in order to produce more precise and accurate images, it additionally makes use of VQGAN+CLIP models.

You can visit NightCafe’s website and enter your text prompts to access the service. It provides a suitable AI model along with dozens of stylistic options for you to choose from.

You can create 1 image at a time without cost. However, credits are used if you want to create many images. It gives away four free image credits.

You can add 3 more free credits to your account if you register with NightCafe. I found the final photographs were decent and satisfactory overall.


In 2024, the world of AI art generation is filled with exciting possibilities. These 10 Best FREE AI Art Generators offer users a diverse range of options to explore their creative visions.

While Midjourney may have been a popular choice in the past, these alternatives provide equally compelling tools to create stunning AI-generated art.

Whether you’re an aspiring artist, a seasoned creative, or simply looking to add a touch of AI magic to your photos, these AI art generators are worth exploring in the ever-evolving world of digital creativity.

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