How To Change Avatar Picture In Pubg Mobile

Pubg mobile is one of our favorites, and we all like playing it with our pals. Getting together with your friends and playing in a team is a lot of fun. A superb chicken supper is also available. With your pals, you can also establish your own persona. In PUBG, there are various ways to identify a player.

Include the player’s name as well as an avatar (also known as a profile picture). A pre-made avatar is available in PUBG. In Avtar, there are various options for uploading or creating your own avatar. Facebook is one of the first places you should look, but you can also change your profile picture there.

It’s not a good idea to update your Facebook profile photo if you have a customized avatar. This tutorial will demonstrate how to change your Pubg profile photo by changing your Facebook profile.

In Pubg, change the player’s profile picture. To play Google Play games, you’ll need to sign in with your PUBG account. In a few minutes, we’ll go through this in further depth. In the second step, you must access the first link :

  • There you will see your Gmail account opened there. Note: Open the Google account that is connected to Google Play Games.
  • You will see the social icon when you open an account. You can click on the picture to change it. You can also view your gallery.
  • Now, the second half is complete. Launch the PUBG app, and then navigate to the Avatar section. Here you will see the same image that you have uploaded in your Google Account.

If you use Twitter, you can make your profile picture appear like your Pubg profile picture. You’ll need to link your PUBG account to your Twitter account. You can get on with the procedure. You can proceed with the procedure if your Twitter account has been connected to Twitter. Follow the steps below :

  • Register for Twitter
  • Click on the profile photo to go to the section. Now, upload the same profile photo you wish to display in your PUBG profile picture. NOTICE: Your Twitter profile image can also be changed.
  • Next, open the PUBG App and navigate to the Avatar section. You will see the new image you wish to use.

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