Easy Ways to Networking Online

Companies are altering how they advertise to individuals, and people are changing how they look for and network for employment, thanks to social media.

Never before has networking with individuals in your field been so simple. All you need is a computer and access to the Internet, and you may contact almost any expert in your region. The only issue is where to look for them.

Two prominent social networking sites are included here, along with short advice on how to use them to make excellent relationships.


Fill up all of the information boxes in your profile with specific details about your work experience. It offers people a good sense of your abilities and helps your profile appear in search results, making it easier for others to discover you. Isn’t that why you’re on Linkedin in the first place? Is it possible to get discovered in your field of expertise? So go ahead and fill up your profile!

Join as many organizations as you can. When you join a group, you may send messages to individuals who aren’t directly linked to you inside that group. You may join groups that are related to your skillset or that fit your hobbies and interests. These organizations, above all, contain job boards and conversation subjects with which to engage.


Complete your profile on Twitter! It’s how people discover you, much like Linkedin, and no one wants to follow someone who doesn’t have a photo or bio since they don’t know who they are!

Follow and connect with your peers in your field. Looking at the followers of local marketing, creative, and interactive organizations is one approach to discover them. Here’s a list of the area non-profits whose events we publish on our Scoop Calendar, as well as their Twitter handles. Simply follow them and look at their followers to discover who they have.


Meetup, an event-based networking site, is ideal for interacting with local groups that share your interests.

Meetup is unique in that it is not exclusively an online service. Its multifaceted model incorporates both online and offline engagement. You can go through the groups and pick and choose which ones could be of interest to you. You can begin attending events once you’ve decided to join a group.

Meetup is also great for professional networking based on skills. For example, if you’re learning to code and want to get your first job in the sector, go to a coding Meetup to meet individuals in the business.

Direct Mail

Using your network, whether for a job referral or a letter of recommendation, must be done strategically. You don’t want to burn any bridges by being pushy, but you also don’t want to miss out on great possibilities because you didn’t speak up.

To ease the load for your contact, a general rule of thumb is to undertake most of the hard lifting yourself. Rather than relying on your connection to arrange a meeting for you, simply ask for the prospect’s email address. In this manner, the hassles of securing a date, time, and location don’t stymie your connection.

Here’s a sample email you can send to ask for some help on the job search:

Hello [Name],

I hope you are staying well. I’ve been following your work on LinkedIn and Facebook, and it looks like you are making a lot of progress with [insert project]. 

I’m reaching out as I am looking to make a career change. For the past couple of years, I’ve been doing [insert results of your work experience]. While I’ve enjoyed it, my ideal position would be [insert your dream job]. 

Since we’ve crossed paths professionally during [time you worked with this person] and you know some people in [industry], I was wondering if you had any suggestions of people to get in touch with. 

Of course, I’m happy to return the favor. My friend at [company] is doing work that falls in line with your [project]. Happy to share the contact. 

Thank you, [Name]. I appreciate it and look forward to connecting again soon. 

Virtual Networking Events

Virtual events aren’t going away anytime soon. Video, including web conferencing, is expected to account for 80% of all Internet traffic by 2021, according to Cisco’s Annual Internet Report. As a result, you’ll have to become used to working virtually.

Attending virtual networking events, where you’ll most likely use Zoom or other video conferencing software, is one way to do so. Before you jump on a networking Zoom call, read over this fast checklist to ensure you come across as professional:

  1. Enable computer video and audio 
  2. Wear professional attire
  3. Position your computer near natural lighting 
  4. Put your computer on eye-level
  5. Make sure your background is clean and not distracting
  6. Do a test meeting before the real one 

Networking is an important aspect of every professional career. It doesn’t have to be a stressful or embarrassing situation. It should, instead, be exciting. These are the introductions that will help you develop in your career.

You can also choose to continue your education before entering the workforce. Attending business school, adding to your resume, and earning a graduate degree can all help you succeed in your job search!

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